I started working with furnace glass back in 1997, and got behind the torch for the first time in 1999. Made pipes for a long time, then tried going legit with "Art" while teaching glassblowing for a local highschool. Now I am back focusing on pipes as "Art". I have to give props to my shopmate Lucky/Frankie for pushing me to always keep progressing in every aspect of glass and life, thanks bro. I also have to thank JRED for the classes recently, his work makes me strive for cleanliness and control in my work. Also thanks to all of you guys out there who have given me support, direction, or compliments when I needed them. Highgrade Mike, Crondo, CJ Freestone, Filla-john, Skoz, RedBone, Brando...the list goes on. And especially thanks to all you badass sculpters out there...Ghost, Bearclaw, Freeek, Laceface, Scott Deppe, Merc, Zach P, Salt, Banjo, Mr. Gray, Buck, Doshworld, Marcel, Hamm, Voorhees, Snic, Clinton Roman, Dellene Peraulta, Darby, JAG...Thanks.