Hello this is Abe from Northstar Glass.I started blowing way to long ago. I have always loved glass since I was a kid, there was a clear glass sculpture in my home town that would show up at the local flea market and show people what he was doing, ever since then I wanted to melt hot glass. When I started I was self made in glass for the first year then one of my good freinds told me about some kids he met on the Phish lot (Ezra and Marcel)that were making stuff that blew his mind and he also said these guys were teaching underground classes. So we took a class from EZRA and shit man this was the start of opening my mind to anything is possible in glass. I will have to give thanks to Marcel, EZra, Pedro, Eric, Chris Dossin, Bob Snod, Little Jimmy, Hal Taback, Jesse Taj, Jay Bridgland, Kevin Leopold, Scott Depps, Ivan there is so many and last but knot least my wife for dealing with this crazy industry. I just wanted to put up all my old school pipes so all could see. I have been blowing for 12 years and have been making color glass rods for 7 years. I love glass and love the community we are in. Peace Love and Light Abe